Is Today’s Technology Great For Your Company?

All of us use technology within our companies, a minimum of to some extent, but is technology great for your company, or perhaps your health?

Nowadays technology influences our way of life and companies in several and subtle ways. We are accustomed to presenting it that it’s not hard to forget that 10 years ago the majority of it had not been even invented. You may use DVDs, Podcasts or even the Internet for the learning material. You’ll most likely use spreadsheets to trace different factors of the business and word processors to create documentation.

Plus there is email, social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc) not to mention the lcd monitor you are most likely studying this on. Great stuff you may be thinking also it sure makes your existence simpler, right?

Yes To be sure, until it is going wrong also it goes completely wrong a great deal, constantly, why?

Are You Currently Fighting Bad Technology Too?

I have tried the program niche for around twenty years now and I have been online because the early 1990s, prior to many people understood it existed. I consider myself reasonably tech savvy consequently.

I believe that many (although not all) individuals will agree that technologies have transformed our way of life, usually for that better. However, the main reason I am penning this publish whatsoever happens because I still think it performs badly. I’ll provide you with a few examples why, returning a maximum of the final 2 days.

Yesterday, Stand out crashed on me losing one-half hrs work, auto save unsuccessful therefore it vanished permanently. By yesterday Facebook no more lets me publish to my very own account from my ipod device Touch.

Used to do just a little market and keyword research before penning this publish and also the tool crashed, taking ages to shut correctly and restart.

The web connection I am using is very slow and drops out from time to time losing it altogether for any couple of minutes at any given time. Although attempting to submit some articles to some website earlier I needed to quit since i saw only “timed out” errors and that i lost yet more work.

Oh, and my wireless mouse reduces every couple of days having a flat battery and my spare (having a wire) includes a mind of it’s own.

I am sure there’s many you will see when I have the ability to publish this, but I am sure you see what i mean.

This is not supposed to have been a rant, because surprisingly the final couple of days weren’t particularly bad so far as fighting technologies are concerned.

However it does seem like a battle sometimes, with increased effort and time being taken fighting the various tools to ensure they are work than solving the initial problem or performing the job at hands.

Exactly Why Is Technology So Bad?

Getting used computers given that they first made an appearance in your home I’ll rely on them for example why I believe technology does not work most of the time.

In my opinion it’s for 2 primary reasons:

Software – computers (and lots of other gadgets) run lots of software nowadays, they run it concurrently, it’s frequently from various providers and it is very complex.

Technologies are youthful – although we are in the leading edge with computers and software it’s not hard to forget it’s still very youthful, very youthful actually.

It’s both of these reasons which cause a lot of issues with today’s technology. The majority of it runs software, your phone, your vehicle, your washer, your TV. Software because of its nature is complex and incredibly vulnerable to errors.

Most technology around now wasn’t even invented 10 years ago. We are limited to the very start of the Information Age. It might seem like we are well in it sometimes but we are not really.

If the were the commercial Age (that is lengthy gone now) we wouldn’t have invented steam powered machinery yet, we’d be peddling the machinery ourselves.

So, is technology great for your company? I still think Yes if this works, however when it breaks it stops as being a help and may result in some immense stress.

Will I think things will improve in the near future? I am afraid not. Basically we stay at the leading edge as well as on the short, exciting area of the curve we’ll continually be a couple of steps in front of what we should can really prosper.

Technology continuously advance in an astonishing rate, but it’ll still fail and cause us problems in a similar rate.

However, unless of course we plan to reside in a cave we have to accept it because in this point in time it’s near impossible to prevent technology, particularly in business.

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