Lithium vs Alkaline head to head


Technological changes all around have made a good majority of us cognizant of the importance of batteries, nowadays we take our smart wristwatches for long walks, we mow our lawns, not forgetting our all-important and ever-present cell phones.

All these devices have become a mainstay in our lives one way or the other and every one of them needs batteries to operate. Hence there would be no lies if one stated that today’s world would be lost without batteries.

Though that might sound like overkill, it is not so far from the truth; many of us have these gadgets, love these gadgets, and know almost everything there is to know about them, but of course, not so much about batteries, let alone about the lithium deep cycle batteries. Yes, that’s what I thought! Most of us ever care about batteries to keep them charged so they don’t run out of juice.

Well, that’s very much about to change as this article will take you on a tour with two of the most popular types of batteries you probably have in your device right now.

Lithium or Alkaline batteries which way should I tilt

There have been arguments and counterarguments about which of the above batteries is top in the market, and which should you go for when getting your next gadget. However, before delving into this discourse, it’s important to state that various factors act as yardsticks for measuring which of these batteries is best. They range from pricing, and safety to durability, amongst others. It depends on the end user’s perspective; however, it is noteworthy to mention that no one person or brand has it all, so keep an open mind as you read up!

Lithium vs Alkaline

Size: when it comes to the issue of weight, the lithium batteries are lighter, hence this is what makes them more fitted for portable devices such as phones, laptops and the likes and this is coupled with the fact that lithium batteries are designed to last very long.

Environment friendly nature; when you think of the fact that though alkaline batteries are higher-density energy batteries that have a longer life than most batteries but are very prone to leakages of potassium hydroxide which are rather dangerous to human health, you might want to consider pitching your tent with lithium batteries.

Durability: lithium batteries are known to last longer than most of the other types of batteries including the alkaline type, this is mostly because unlike lithium batteries other types of batteries are secondary types given that it is quite possible to recharge them to full power electronically, whereas certain lithium batteries can go along way without even getting charged.

Cost: one of the generally agreed edge alkaline batteries have over their lithium counterpart is the cost part; alkaline batteries are generally accepted to be cheaper than lithium, making them the preferable choice to many.


Comparison of two or more concepts is often hugely based on experience and or research; that said, before making your final decision as to which of the following you’d go with, read up more about batteries, and you can also Seek professional opinions too.