There are various reasons why people are obliged to get a police check. The major reasons why people do is for the process of pre-screening, to help employers know what risk that each of their staff possesses and also ensure that the environment is secured for both special needs and vulnerable populations. For instance, the age, the elderly people and children. Other purposes for the police check are:

  • Voluntary works.
  • Adoption.
  • Employment in locations having vulnerable staff like people with disabilities or child care.
  • Commonwealth government jobs.
  • Visa applications.
  • Immigration purposes.

For police check online, there is a compulsory process you have to undertake where you would be asked to give your personal information and your identification to access the complete national criminal history background check and also the result. There are various things the police checks for:

  • Overseas employment.
  • Adoption
  • Individuals requesting employment with the commonwealth -government.
  • People applying for visas via the police and criminal history checks.
  • Immigration processes.
  • Adoption and overseas adoption.

These checks are gotten directly from the federal police of that country, accredited agency, or any police station within your area.


In some scenarios, getting the police check through the AFP is likely to last a few weeks. However, the most effective and fastest way you can obtain your police check in no time is to submit via the NFC, National Crime Check. It is very easy and fast to go about.

 The whole procedure in filling the form should not last you more than five minutes. All you have to do is follow the simple steps in the instructions. As soon as your check has been processed, the national police check is then mailed to you online in one or two days. You can even obtain the hard copy or even both. Depending on you.


The ideal number of days in receiving the police check is one to two business days. But sometimes, there is the possibility whereby it takes longer days before you have them del covered.

 For instance, a person that has been charged to court or has any recorded case maybe traffic offenses, your application for the police check would likely be suspended and you may have to wait for another ten to fifteen working days before you can have your information retrieved.

Another instance is if you have a similar last name with someone or you have over two addresses as a result of multiple relocations, it’s likely to also affect the applicant. The checks may also be delayed for close to fifteen days. They would have to undergo a thorough checking service unit. This is one procedure that you cannot avoid.


There is the crime check unit that is responsible for, monitoring the checks daily 24/7. They ensure that the checks are automatically escalated on the twelfth day with the checking service unit for you. After the application has been processed, the applicant would receive a report.