The new trend of fake followers generated by automation

When we talk of automation in regard to buying Instagram followers, what we mean is the use of bots or automated targeting to find user accounts on Instagram. The bots are also used to engage the users that are found in the same way with the hope that they follow you on Instagram. So when you are thinking to yourself that you can use automation to get more followers on your account, this may not be the case because it may not happen.

Automation isn’t the best way to get ahead in terms of Instagram followers and you should know that before you proceed to buy Instagram followers cheap. Here are a few things you should know before you buy instant Instagram followers.

Does automation produce fake followers?

Most definitely because the users you buy are usually generated using bots and cannot be substitutes for real human beings. If you want to know that bots produce fake followers, then look at how Instagram has reacted to the issue. Instagram became very proactive in their efforts to curtail the use of fake followers immediately news of fake followers broke. They started enacting strict penalties and regulations to ensure that this behavior stops. Algorithms were designed to help with identifying followers that are generated by bots and removing them immediately or closing the entire account completely.

The aim here is to ensure that people grow legitimately on Instagram without taking shortcuts. Thus, the followers you get through buying will not help you a lot because they are fake and will be flagged immediately.

Bots produce the same results always

The biggest disadvantage that accompanies the use of bots is that they produce similar results over and over again whenever they are used. Bots are not partial with the kind of followers they generate for you when you use them. Usually, they find users who are outside your target audience, something that can be harmful to your future growth.

Your real followers will become very suspicious when they click on the accounts of some of your followers and find profiles that do not have pictures and have fake names. The names of fake followers that you will receive will have weird characters and numbers, which is very suspicious.

Bots produce fake comments

Another shortcoming that you can expect with bots and automation is that they will produce very generic and inappropriate comments. The comments you will see after you start receiving your purchased followers, will be very weird and you won’t want them on your account too because they won’t be relevant. Bots generate comments that do not match with the content that you have posted. When other followers see the kind of comments you are receiving, they will know that you use bots and automation and will flee from you as soon as possible. Thus, you will lose real followers for your fake ones. In the long term, your brand will be hurt badly.