What are self-destructing Private Notes?

Sending a private note over normal messaging applications or via email does not provide the security one hope’s it does. These messages can get hacked by a hacker with malicious intentions, they can get leaked to others and put the sender of the message in a lot of disadvantages.

Luckily, nowadays, messages can be sent in such a manner that they are designed to self-destruct once read by the intended person.

Also known as ephemeral messaging, these self-destructive messages are purposely built in such a way that they are short-lived. No one other than the receiver of the message can read it, as once it is read it disappears forever.

The message disappears from the sender’s device, from the receiver’s device, and also from the system from which it was sent. It gets absolutely erased, without any trace.

It can not only be done for texts but for photos also.

What is the Need to Send Self Destructing Private Notes? 

Sending a private message to someone means the sending person wants that message to be read by that person alone, not get broadcasted to the entire world. These notes can contain sensitive information. Content uploaded on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter stays for decades. They do not usually get completely deleted. If any private messages or photos get spread on these platforms, they can never be retrieved back.

Hence, we have very little control over the online content that is being uploaded on the Internet.

The concept of sending private note is popular among all age groups from teenagers to adults and even among seniors.

One of the biggest reasons why we want to use private notes that can self-destruct is, to protect our privacy. Not everyone wants to know what is going on in our lives. All the more, why should they know, that everybody has a right to privacy? Ephemeral messaging guards a person’s message from getting spread everywhere.

The contents of a private note can be many things: passwords, ATM pins, legal contents, explicit messages, emotionally charged messages, documents containing sensitive internal matters, private photos, office documents, bank documents, and many more.

There are various platforms that provide users with the provision of sending self-destructing messages.

One such website is Privnote.

Privnote which is also available in app form can be downloaded on mobile or laptop or can be accessed through Google by typing in the URL.

Through Privnote, users can type a private note, after which a link is created for the note. This link can be sent to the intended receiver. When the link is opened by the intended person, it automatically gets destroyed. So the person can read the message only once, and it self destructs. No registration is required to be done for sending notes. Hence, there is complete privacy, as there is no need to even register one’s name or email.

Other then Privnote, there are various other platforms that offer this service, like Confide, Wicker, Safenote, Crypt-a-byte, Revealit.me and many more.