What are the benefits of testing automation in IT?

IT companies are rising everywhere, and the number of software entering the market is increasing every day. So, the manual testing processes of these products are becoming tedious and there is a need for automating testing. Test automation is the process of comparing the actual working of these applications with the expected working in an automated manner via a tool. There are several benefits of automated software testing processes. In this article, let us discuss some of these advantages in brief.

Advantages of automated testing of software

Limitless testing hours

The primary advantage of using testing software is that the tool can work anywhere at any time. There are no limitations for a software to run, and it will not experience fatigue. You can set the testing time in the early morning at 2 am. It will run, unlike a man who will be sleeping at that time. So, it is the primary benefit of employing testing automation software to do these testing processes. Also, if you are doing these processes manually, you would have to use computers and other accessories. So, you could not move or work anywhere else apart from your desktop table.

Tireless regression

If you are a developer experienced in software testing, you would know the tiredness you get when doing regression testing. To check the removal of bugs, you would have to conduct the same tests repeatedly until you lose your cool. It will take more time and will make the tester tired soon. So, it is a better idea to employ a tool to do this repeating process tirelessly. Since it is an automated process, you can save more time and energy. Although it may take some time to develop the testing tool, the time taken will be comparatively low.

Reusable test cases

Every time you sit down to perform a test suite, you would have to write a test case. For a similar problem, you could not reuse the already written test script. You could only write a new script to conduct the successive test. But the problem is only with the manual testing methods. If you employ software or a tool to do the software testing processes, you do not have to write the script again. You can use the same script written once for all the tests you conduct using the tool. So, reusability is another major benefit.